CLICK HERE TO VIEW A DEMO OF CareWorks - Please take just five minutes to watch this brief demonstration of CareWorks, a database management software application. You will get an introduction into the basic functions of the program.

CareWorks Version 3.56 is now available. We had to add dates to the Reports and Find a Volunteer tab on the Main Menu. Now, it goes up to 2018. If you are paid up on your Technical Support, this is available to you at no charge. If not, you can receive Version 3.56 without support for $50.00.

***IMPORTANT INFORMATION for Current CareWorks Users: Click here for the CAREWORKS HELP BOOKLET in pdf format. You can print all 88 pages, if you'd like, and use them for reference. ***

Faith in Action Caregivers received a Special Recognition Award in Business Practices in Transportation Services from the Beverly Foundation in New Mexico.

Faith in Action, Mercy Hospital received an Award for Excellence in the Transportation Services for Seniors in Rural America, also from the Beverly Foundation. (

Why is this important to CareWorks? Both groups use the CareWorks database to plan, organize, coordinate, track and report their TRANSPORTATION Services to carereceivers.

Would you like to be able to facilitate your record keeping for all of the services you provide? CareWorks can help you!



"Our Community Health Services program serves seniors with a volunteer staff. All the Information about our care receivers and volunteers is at our fingertips and can be accessed easily and quickly when needed because we have the Care Works program in our office. Having this data base to refer to at a moment’s notice helps us to  run smoothly and efficiently. Reports are available as well. The staff at CSIG goes out of their way to spend time with us to find solutions that expedite our accessing information that is required for reporting. Without their support, our staff would be spending hours on administrative tasks instead of using the precious time to help seniors’ lives to have the support they so need. Having tried other systems before Care Works we can safely say that this is a great tool and we are glad to have it!"

Carole Silvera
Program Director
Community Health Services
Glenville, NY