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About the Company

CareWorks was the offspring of a partnership between Jack Devlin and CSIG Inc.

Jack Devlin

Jack and his wife, Barbara, were the proud cofounders of the Caregivers of Central Ocean County formed in 1993. The group has been exceptionally successful, with 600 volunteers serving over 1000 care receivers. By the early 2000's, the group had 29 member congregations and was financially sound. Jack served as a Facilitator of new programs from 1994-1997 for the National Federation of Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers (then, the Interfaith Caregivers Alliance.) Jack’s experience as a facilitator led him to realize the need for a standard database system designed around the Federation’s model to aid in the success of the groups.

Unfortunately, Jack passed away in April 2005, but his vision for CareWorks lives on as we released Version 3 and dedicated it to his memory.


CSIG has a 25-year history of developing quality custom databases which have consistently exceeded the expectations of our users. We draw from our extensive background and technical expertise to make our systems as reliable and easy to use as possible. The ability to anticipate the needs of the user separates CSIG from other application developers. CSIG also makes every effort to design durability and reliability into our systems by recognizing potential problems before they occur. We have found that thorough testing prior to launch minimizes the need for support later on.

To learn more about CSIG Inc., visit and our sister company, VISCO, software for importers.





"There are so many features that I like I don't know where to begin. The fact that it does all those reports is one thing. Every month my board gets reports of services provided. We also use it for demographic data for grants. For example, you can get an age breakdown of the people you serve, the income level, mobilitiy referral source, et. We also use it to record donations that we receive....This has been better than purchasing fund development software. "

Jeanette Wojcik,
Faith in Action Caregivers, Wheeling, WV