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CareWorks Information

CareWorks was developed under a Microsoft platform to provide for full automation with other Microsoft products including: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. This allows the users of the system to easily:

  • Create custom letters and labels using Mail Merge for donation solicitation
  • Develop presentations with charts and graphs for potential grantors and other interested parties
  • Upload data to spreadsheets for special analysis (this was a common request of the existing DOS users)
  • Generate custom e-mails for volunteers, receivers, community members, etc.
  • Export data for various other uses

The system incorporates all the available features provided by the Windows operating system including:

  • Graphical User Interface, with full mouse support.
  • Dropdown lists
  • Pick lists
  • Check Boxes
  • Resizable windows
  • Tabbed Forms

The user is able to request instant on screen inquiries by name across all components of the database (global search capabilities).

The user is prompted to enter report selection criteria with dropdown lists and other easy to use features. The reports are then presented on the screen in either fully descriptive multi-line format or an abbreviated single line version. If the user accepts the on-line preview, they may then direct the report to a printer, with the capability to use all of its associated features.

    We can now accept Visa and Mastercard for payment of CareWorks.  Version 3.53 is offered for $500.00 plus there is a required $100.00 charge for Technical Support for the first year.  This includes unlimited toll free calls as well as a 1/2 hour training to help you get started.






Screenshot of main interface. Click HERE to see a larger view.