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1. 6 Steps to a Funraising Plan for a New Nonprofit

2. The Art or Recognizing and Thanking Your Donors

3. How to Get Your Board to Step Up to the Plate in Fundraising -

4. Effective Fundraising for Nonprofits: Real Worl Strategies That Work

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Faith in Action National Network Homepage
The Site for the Faith in Action National Network programs.

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Connecticut Nonprofit Information Network
A CareWorks Partnership. The mission of the Connecticut Association of Nonprofits is to support and strengthen nonprofit organizations in building and sustaining healthy communities in Connecticut.




"This database is tailor made for Faith in Action Programs. I would be lost without it. I cannot think of a reporting need I have had that I was not able to retrieve from this database...I use many of the reports in my daily operations: Master Volunteer and Receiver Reports provide phone number which I use constantly, the Service Assignments allow me to know what volunteers take care of whom and who I need timesheets from...the Profile Report is the greatest..."

Candace Bernier,
Washington County Faith in Action, Washington, PA