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Careworks Support

If you have paid for your Technical Support, you can contact us anytime via email or phone for quick support questions. Phone # 845-383-3800 ext.100 or  You can also view the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) below for common support questions and answers.



1) Q: Is there any way I can edit the Paper Input Forms to customize them for my group?

A: Download the following Word Documents to your computer and feel free to edit any way you'd like.

Monthly Congregation Summary

Monthly Report of Changes in Status

Monthly Volunteer Timesheet

Receiver Assessment Form

Receiver Intake Form

Volunteer Application

2) Do I have the latest Version of CareWorks?

A: Version 3.56 is the latest version of CareWorks and we can send you a small zip file that can be installed without affecting your current data. Call Tech Support (845-383-3800 ext. 100) if you are not up to date.   There is no charge for current users who have paid their Tech Support.

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3) Q: I am thinking about purchasing CareWorks, but already have a lot of my data in Excel.  Do you provide data conversions?

A: Yes, but rather than give a set price, we need to give quotes on a case by case basis.  Please call 845-383-3800 ext.100 for a quote on your data conversion!

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4) Q. I have a great deal of experience with Access and/or Excel. Is there any way that data can be exported to Access or Excel?

A. Yes!  CareWorks has an EXPORT button on the MAIN MENU that will allow the user to download either their Volunteer or Receiver tables directly into MS Excel.  If you have MS Access on your computer, you can go to My Computer/Local disk C:/Program Files/CSIG/CareWorks and find the Careworks_be.mdb file.  This is your data file.  Open it with MS Access and you can design your own queries and reports! IMPORTANT NOTE: If your CareWorks is networked, the path to the data file will be different. You may need to do a SEARCH to find the CareWorks_be.mdb file. Before you work with the file, it's very important to make a copy of it (just copy and paste it onto your desktop temporarily) just in case you run into a problem with your live data and the changes you are making.

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5) Q. Can CareWorks be networked?

A. CareWorks was not originally designed to be networked, however we do have quite a few users that are currently networked.  We do provide instructions on how to network your CareWorks, but we cannot technically support your network.  We strongly recommend that an experienced network administrator be involved in this process.

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6) Q. Can I enter my own data on the demo version of CareWorks?

A. Yes, but any information that is entered (along with the sample data) will be erased as soon as you purchase the program and enter the access code we provide.

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7) Q. I entered an incorrect Zip Code. Is there any way I can delete it?

A. CareWorks was designed to be fool-proof so that inexperienced users
could easily enter data and not accidentally delete important data. So, the only way an incorrect Zip Code can be deleted is if you have Microsoft
Access installed on your computer. If you do, you can call Tech Support and we will help you.

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8) Q.  Does CareWorks work with Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system?

A.  We are pleased to say that "YES", our new version that works on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 computers is good for Windows 10 as well!

9) Q. Is it important to backup CareWorks and what is the best way to do that?

A. Yes, it is extremely important to backup CareWorks after any new data has been entered. We recommend using a small flash drive that you can plug into your computer and then choose "BACKUP" from the Main Menu of CareWorks. The flash drive will be listed, you need to highlight that, then click on the "Backup" button. It is always a good idea to take the flash drive home rather than leaving it in the office to protect your data in case of fire, flood, burglary, etc. If you get a WinZip Run-time Error, we can send you instructions on how to backup your data from the data file itself.


10) Q.   Help! My CareWorks Pie Chart is all goofed up! What can I do to fix it?

A. Call Technical Support for help on this. You will need to Archive a portion of your tblProvidersServicesPerformed as there is too much data for the Pie Chart to handle.




"...we love the program and the support we get from CSIG has been a godsend. "

Joanne Powers, Partners in Caring Faith in Action/Lifespan, Rochester, NY